HPC Cluster in Austria

Operator Web
VSC-3 VSC Consortium http://vsc.ac.at
LiSC CUBE http://cube.univie.ac.at

Here is a preliminary list of HPC clusters which are located in Austria.


Cube operates specialized high-performance computing infrastructure for bioinformatics and computational life science. The main difference to larger, generic computing facilities, such as the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) is the equipment with a rich, flexible and up-to-date bioinformatics software repository and the availability of major biological databases on-site. This installation allows typical users to analyse their data without any software installation, just by using the pre-installed tools and databases. Our infrastructure is friendly to non-specialists, and can be used for data analysis as well as method development and evaluation. For more information and a personal user account please contact CUBE. The Life Science Compute Cluster (LiSC) is a medium-sized compute cluster on PC basis. It consists of head nodes for job testing and submission, compute nodes and a storage cluster. In total the LiSC provides about 800 CPU cores, 800 TB storage space and up to 1 TB RAM per node. Copies of all relevant biological databases (such as NCBI nt and nr) are available as local copies on high-speed disks in all compute nodes. The LiSC storage is configured as redundant NFS clusters, operated in active-active configurations.

(Life Science Compute Cluster)

Operator: CUBE, Dept. of Microbiology & Ecosystem Science, Uni Wien

Hardware: 1104 cores, up to 1.1TB RAM (avg. 128-320GB), ~0.5PB storage

Software: ~280 boinformatics specific programs

Homepage: LiSC

Helpdesk: LiSC Helpdesk

Wiki: LiSC Wiki

Contact: contact.cube@univie.ac.at


(Vienna Scientific Cluster)

Operator: VSC Consortium

Hardware: 32000 cores, infiniband interconnect, up to 1.5TB RAM (avg. 64GB), 1-2PB storage

Software: a few boinformatics specific programs

Homepage: VSC

Helpdesk: VSC-3 Helpdesk

Wiki: https://wiki.vsc.ac.at

Contact: https://service.vsc.ac.at