University of Salzburg

Protein-Bioinformatics Lackner group

The group has a focus on the development and application of bioinformatics methods for the analysis, comparison, and prediction of protein properties such as structure, function or stability. Subsequently, these methods are applied - often in combination with other bioinformatics tools - in order to resolve biomedical questions (e.g. in the areas of allergy or cancer).


Center of Applied Molecular Engineering - Division of Bioinformatics

The main research interest is to understand the rules of protein folding. This requires to classify all known protein folds in terms of pairwise structure similarities and to find out how the information contained in the amino acid sequences is translated into three-dimensional structures and how these structures endow the proteins with their respective characteristic chemical functions and biological roles. At the Division of Bioinformatics these problems are adressed by two major research projects. The first is COPS, the Compendium of Protein Structures. In the second project they use the known structures to deduce the atomic and molecular forces that are responsible for the folding and stability of protein structures and they use the resulting energy functions to find and correct errors in experimental protein structures and predict and compute protein structures from their amino acid sequences.